Grade 10 Computer Application Technology : ICT's


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Welcome to our WebQuest task grade 10's !!

In this lesson you will be infused with knowledge about ICTs, reflecting and discussing certain information about the topic.No photo description available.


Task 1: ICTs are often disregarded and rarely seen as something  amazing and how much easier life is with it, this task will grant you  the opportunity to provide clarity on how useful ICT's really is, by providing information to the following:

  • What does ICT stand for?
  • Discuss the role of ICT's 
  • Reflect on the role of ICT in education during the covid19 pandemic
  • Discuss the ethical use of ICT's 
  • Reflect on the economic reasons why we should use ICT's 

45 marks

NB!: Make sure you provide information on each dot.


In order to successfully complete the given task you are expected to: 

  • Work in pairs
  • Refresh your minds with module 1.5 in your CAT, "computers, part of your life''' textbooks
  • Watch videos below to assist with the task and further enrich your knowledge of ICTs



Type of question  Marks
Discussion questions                     24
Reflecting questions                    15
Defining question                      6
                      Total marks                    45



Congratulations !!! 

You have completed your WebQuest!

Now that you and your partner gathered information on  ICT's and answered the questions to the best of your ability, we now understand that:

  • ICTS are the most disregarded everyday life essential technology.
  • ICT's is economic and although everybody isn't in favor of ICT's it is still a huge part of our lives.
  • ICT's will become a much bigger deal in the future with evolving technology.
  • There are inappropriate and unethical ways of using ICTs such as identity theft or creating malicious software and many more. (note: this is indeed a crime!!)
  • Reflect on your work and double-check answers. 

NB!: Go back to module 1. 5 in the textbook. 




-What is ICT (Information and Communications Technology)? YouTube.

-Computer Ethics. YouTube.

-ICTs and COVID-19. YouTube.

-Coping with COVID 19 - Online Classes. YouTube.

-Jacobs, S. (2017). Computers, Part of Your Life (2nd ed.). Study Opportunities.


Teacher Page

I chose this topic to bring the importance of technology, especially computer technology to your attention, as teenagers you only use ICTs

to a certain extend not knowing that there is a whole new digital world awaiting to be implemented especially in the times we live In now,

(during a pandemic) and the more years passing by the more advanced the technology becomes this can only mean that in the near


ICT's will be the only way to go about life and since you are the children of our future I think it important that you know what ICTs are,

how it is used and how it's not supposed to be used so you can apply the knowledge whenever you need to.

Ms. AP.Swartz 


Student number: 218064756