Grade 10 Mathematics :Analytical Geometry


Good morning Grade 10 today we starting a new topic which is Analytical Geometry, please listen to the video below so that you can do the task that follows:



Grade 10

Task 1

Date: 17 July 2021

Topic: Analytical Geometry


Given: A(-2;0), B(4;2), C(4;-2) and D(5;-4).

Calculate the following:

1. the lengths of AB and CD.

2. the gradients of AB and AC.

3. the coordinates of the midpoints of AC and AD.

4. the equation of line CD.

5. Determine whether CD passes through point (1;4).


This is another video with further information on this topic:


Rubric of marking
Description Poor Not poor Average Good Excellent Mark
Identify formula           /8
Indication of coordinates           /8
Substitution           /20
Simplified answer           /8
Total           /44



The purpose of this topic is to improve the learner's ability to read statements and visualize that information to solve the problem. Gradient used when calculating equation for a function, and also it can be used to prove perpendicular lines. Distance is for length between two or more points, can be used to prove if a quadrilateral is a square or parallelogram. Midpoint is for the median function.



Book: XFactor Mathematics Grade 10 by L. Fourie

YouTube: Megan Smith

Student teacher: Ndumiso Sibiya


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