Grade 11 Business Studies: Topic 6 Stress Management


Good morning Gr 11 learners!

Today we are starting a new topic called Stress Management. The purpose of today's lesson is to explore Stress management and to find out exactly how we can manage stress.

We have all experienced stress before and it is a normal reaction the body has when changes occur, resulting in physical, emotional and intellectual responses. If its not dealt with it can be detrimental to our health, therefore Stress management can help you deal with things in a healthier manner.

Before we start the content on Stress management. I want you to think about a time when you were stressed. How did you manage your stress? What steps did you take to ensure that you were able to manage your stress? 


Now that you have thought about the concept stress management. Watch the following video on stress management. Watching the video will help you understand the content better.



Business Studies Gr 11

Essay Task 1: Stress Management 

8 September 2021

This task counts 30 Marks.

The objectives of this lesson. After this lesson you should be able to:

  • Explain the term stress and the causes of stress.
  • Discuss the importance of stress management.
  • Advise businesses on ways which they can use to manage stress.



1. Read the scenario and answer the following question.

2. Please ensure that you use proper essay format which includes an introduction, body and conclusion. 

3. Watch the video on stress to help you understand the concept.


CENTRAL HAIR SALON (CHS) Central Hair Salon offers a variety of good hairdressing services. The business is doing well as it is situated in a busy location. Employees have to work extended hours to make clients happy. However, the situation is causing stress and the employees feel they can no longer cope.


Keeping the scenario above in mind, write an essay on the following aspects:

  • Elaborate on the meaning of stress.
  • Explain the causes of stress in the workplace.
  • Discuss the importance of stress management in the pressurised work environment.
  • Advise CHS employees on ways in which they can manage stress in the workplace

Total Marks: 30 


Resources: Watch the video on what stress is to help you get a better understanding on the concept.

Stress Definition: 





Please read through the introduction content, to gain an understanding about the topic on Stress management.

Once you have completed that, click on the link provided below the introduction and watch the video to gain more knowledge and understanding on the topic " Stress management"


Go to the "Task section" and follow the instructions given and complete the task to the best of your ability.

Watch the video provided to help you, understand the content.

Have a look at the Resources

Use the given links  below to help you gain additional knowledge to complete your essay. You may attain additional information on your own.


Before you have completed the task given, make sure that you click on the "Evaluation section" and have a look at the rubric provided to gain an idea or perspective on how the task will be marked. 

Use the rubric as a guideline to help you complete the task.

Complete the task and bear in mind that it needs to follow a specific structure as described in the instructions. 


Once you have completed the task, please submit it to the following email address

After you have completed the task given, ensure that you read through the conclusion and watch the video provided as it concludes and summarizes the lesson.




I will use the following rubric to mark your essay. Please follow the rubric to guide you to write your essay.







                   Max 22

Meaning of stress


Causes of stress












Analysis, interpretation












 LASO- for each component

Allocate 2 marks if all requirements are met

Allocate 1 mark if only some requirements are met

Allocate 0 marks where requirements are not met at all




To conclude: 

In this lesson we have explored the meaning of stress which is the state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

We have also explored the meaning of Stress management which is defined as the tools, strategies, or techniques that reduce stress and reduce the negative impacts stress has on your mental or physical well-being

AFTER THIS LESSON you should be able to define stress, stress management, explain the importance of stress management and advise businesses on ways which they can use to manage stress.


Before we end this lesson. Please do the do the following and take the following into consideration:

1. I want you to reflect and think of 3 ways of how you will deal with stress the next time you are experiencing stress.

2.  Remember the due date for this task is the 18 September 2021 and it will help you prepare for the test!

3. Watch this video in preparation for our next topic: Crises Management 




Stress Management: 


Definition of stress:

Causes of stress:


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