Grade 3:STEM Challenge : Making Shade


This week you need to complete challenge 1: Making Shade with complete journal.


1. Read the Science Concept page, mark the vocabulary and search for more related vocabularies to add to your word bank.

2. Explore the Visual Literacy pages and visit youtube links related to the science concept.

3.Brainstorm the available materials and draw a rough sketch of your design.

4. Plan and create your design.

5. Test and evaluate, if required redesign.

6. Conclude your work by sharing your experience


Follow the engineering Process.

Evaluation criteria

1. The number of vocabularies and their use in sentences.

1 marks for each word  
2. The answers filled in the worksheets 1 marks for each word  
3. The accuracy of the sketch would be attainable during construction. 5  
4. Proper planning and selection of material wisely without wasting any and the effective cost of the design 5  
5. The redesigning process and the reconstruction with proper manipulation to achieve the goal. 5  

6. The creative expression used in journal writing.




At the end of this project, you are expected to come up with the big idea that's what you will solve using your prototype.



Teacher Page

TO make living or nonliving things safe from the harmful UV rays we need shade. generally, we get shades from a huge tree but due to deforestation and population, we need to create artificial shades using materials that can restrict direct Sunlight and provide shade.