Grade 8: MATTER AND MATERIALS J Jansen 219065608


Welcome to a journey to the sub-atomic level! ⚛️


By the end of this activity, as learners, you will be able to do the following:

1. demonstrate an understanding on atoms being the smallest building blocks of matter.

2. display an understanding that different elemtns are made up of different elements.

3. to draw and label a diagram of an atom.

4. explain concepts protons, neutrons, electrons, nucleus and charged particles.


We all know that matter is anything that has a mass and occupies space. In simple terms, matter is basically just 'stuff'. Your main objective will be to find out what this 'stuff' (matter) is made of.

This activity will help you to do that.

Activity 1: Matter and Materials

1. Visit the Siyavula website at

2. Click 'Enter'.

3. Under the heading ("Chapter 5: Atoms"), click on the first link ("5.1 The building blocks of matter") and read through information provided on the page. This contains all the information required to answer the questions that follow.

4. Once you have completed reading the page, towards the bottom of the page (directly after the concept map) you will find a set of revision questions.5. Click on the following hyperlinks before answering the revision questions: , ,

6. Answer the following questions:

a. Name the three sub-atomic particles that atoms are made up of. 

b. Draw a picture of the atom. Your picture must show all three different types of sub-atomic particles. 

c. Give examples of three compounds. Write down their names and formulae, and draw one molecule of each. 

d. Give examples of three compounds. Write down their names and formulae, and draw one molecule of each. 

e. What is the difference between mixture and compounds in terms of how we can separate them? 





Question (a) = 3 marks

Question (b) = 4 marks

Question (c) = 3 x 3 marks = 9 marks

Question (d) = 3 x 3 marks = 9 marks

Question (e) = 2 marks


Reviewing information in the resources provided will help retain what was learnt. The activity will act as a consolidation as well. 

This section will be the foundation for majority of the work that will be covere in this grade. It is of great importance that you keep this in mind. 

Thank you for taking this sub-atomic journey! ⚛️