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Since you and a banana are not the same both on a cellular level and in your appearance, you as a young scientist must show, using the diagrams and drawings of the structure of a plant and animal cell, must show the difference between plants and animals cells. These differences should be presented in a table format.


In order for you to complete the task you would need to identify both animal and plant cells, once you have identified them, you would have to draw a labeled drawing of both animal and plant cells.

The labels you would need to focus on are:

1. Cell membrane 

2. Cell wall 

3. Mitochondria

4. Nucleus

5. Chloroplast 

6. Ribosomes.

7. Vacuoles.

After you have accomplished that, you have to tabulate the differences between a plant and animal cells using the drawings and the resources available, you need to identify at least 3 differences which are associated with the labels provided.

When listing differences, I want you to look at what each cell has that the other one doesn't while also looking at the structure of each cell, namely the shape of the cell.





Not Achieved


Somewhat Achieved


Excellently Achieved


Appropriate drawing were presented


Drawings are correctly labelled


Cells are correctly identified


Table is formatted correctly


Differences listed are correct and applicable to the labels provided.




The understanding of this is necessary for the advancement of this subject as cells is the foundation of all understanding of the human body. This will help you better understand photosynthesis and bodily function that will be discussed later on in your academic career