The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, let's explore!


In this webquest, you will be investigating the phenomena called the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch'. Make sure to closely analyze all resources to discover how this phenomena may have been caused, and what effects the phenomena has led to. Time to put on the digital lab coats and start exploring! 

The standard covered is: 

ESS3.C: Human Impacts on Earth Systems


The world is changing. There is something different in the water, and your task is to figure out what is going on. Imagine you are on a boat heading west, far west, into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There you encounter something that you must research, in order to report back to the general public what you have found. 

Before the investigation, please fill out this google form as a pre-assessment. 

For this investigation, use the resources provided to collect data on the following:

  • causes
  • effects
  • possible solutions 

You can write your notes on the digital platform of your choice, or use this notes sheet to record your data. 


As you progress through the ocean, you collect data from various sources. Make sure to add your data from each source to your notes. 

Source #1: National Geographic Reporter 

Source #2: Marine Debris Program Representative 

Source #3: Wildlife Photographer 

Source #4: Boat Captain 

Source #5: Anthropologist Studying Recycling Plastics 


Now that you have collected your data, you will write up a scientifically accurate article that will be 'published' to share with the public. Explain what you have learned about the causes and effects of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Then propose some possible solutions to deal with the current patch, and prevent growth in the future. 

This article will be graded as follows:

5 pts. Causes--at least two, clearly outlined and explained

5 pts. Effects--at least two, clearly outlined and explained

5 pts. Solutions--at least two, clearly outlined and explained

5 pts. Formatting--article formatting is present, proper grammar is used

5 pts. Scientific Accuracy and Precision 


Congratulations on publishing your research! Make sure to let your peers know of your accomplishment, and add your article to your resume.