Greek Drama Webquest (English 2)


To prepare for reading Oedipus Rex and Antigone later this semester, you will use provided websites to record information on ancient Greek theater on your worksheet.


Follow the directions carefully.



 Click on Europe, then Greece.  Notice that Thebes no longer exists. 


  1. What is the capital of Greece?


  1. Name a city that is close to the capital.


Compare the modern-day map at the link above with the map of ancient Greece at


3. Find the mountain that is 2917m. Name it here.


      4. Name the sea that is to the East of Greece.



The Theaters


5. How do ancient Greek theaters compare to today’s modern theaters? 

       11. Go to STAGING AN ANCIENT GREEK PLAY: How are plays different in the U.S. from ancient Greece?


       12. Go to STRUCTURE OF THE PLAYS: Define the following:

a. Prologue:

b. Parodos:

c. First Episode:

d. First Stasimon:

e. Exodos:



An outline of Ancient Greek Theater:


16. From what sources do we know about ancient Greek theater?



17. Who are the three main tragic writers?


18. What are four qualities of Greek drama, according to this website? 



More Sites on Ancient Greece and Greek Theater

Choose Sophocles


            19. Record one fact from paragraph one.



            20. Record one fact from paragraph two.



            21. Record one fact from paragraph three.


Did you answer all the questions?


Turn it in.


Modified by Ms. Jordan from a webquest uploaded to by Ms. Molina. Teachers wishing to use this webquest in their own classrooms may contact Ms. Jordan at Yale High School, Yale, OK for a copy of the worksheet.