Greek gods in "Antigone"


Greek Mythology: Tales Of Greek Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, Monsters & Mythical Beasts



Welcome to the Greek god Webquest! In this project, you will be assigned a Greek god to research! So, for this assignment, you will be the researcher! The goal of this is for you to teach your classmates about the Greek god that you were assigned! Watch this video to show you a modern twist on an old myth.  

Greek gods are found in various different movies, literature, and more!!


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Researchers will be assigned a Greek god during class. You will be responsible for completing the following projects: one page summary of your findings, a  hand drawn picture of your Greek god and their symbol, and an oral presentation. Your summary will count as one grade and the presentation will count as another grade. Together, this assignment is worth two test grades. Before you begin to research your Greek god, make sure to read this article about Greek Mythology: (you may use some of this information in your summary)

Use the following websites about Greek gods to incorporate into your summary and presentation:




For this project, you will write a one page summary (google docs) of your findings about your Greek god. Basically, this will be an information essay about your Greek god. You will submit this to google classroom. 

You will also give us a synopsis of your Greek god in your presentation. Remember, you are educating your classmates about your god. 

In your presentation, you must include the following:

1. the name of your god

2. the symbol and what it means

3. the family relationships of your god. Who is the father, sister, mother, etc.

4. What is your god the god over? What special powers do they have?

5. any interesting facts about your Greek god. 



Presentation Rubric:




Typed 1 page summary          _____(15 pts)


Picture included                      _____(15 pts)       Bonus _____


Symbol/Representation          _____(15pts)        Bonus _____



PRESENTATION:                _____(55pts)


Greek name ___(10pts)


Powers/Responsibilities ___(10 pts)


Family Relationships ___(10 pts)


Symbol/ Representation ___(10 pts)


Voice Projection: _______ (5 pts)


Eye Contact: _________ (5 pts)


Use of Note Cards: _________ (5 pts)






For the Greek god summary, click the link below:



After you have finished this project, I hope that you are interested in Greek mythology and want to learn more about it!