Greek Gods Webquest (English 1)


To support your comprehension of the Greek myths and stories we will read in class, you will look up information about Greek gods using the provided websites and record it on your worksheet.


Follow the directions carefully to discover the correct answers to the questions on your worksheet.


Go to

  1. Click on the list to the left  where it says “ Giants” List the names of three Giants below





Click the back button to get to the same page as above.

  1. Scroll down to the left until you see the “OLYMPIAN GODS MAJOR” chart.

List the Roman Name of the following gods and goddesses

Greek name

Roman name








  1. Choose a god or goddess from the list of “THE TWELVE OLYMPIANS” and write their name below.


  1. Click on the picture of the god or goddess you chose. Read their page and write 3 interesting facts about them below.













Go to

Read the caption on the main picture on the top of the website.

Fill in the blanks:

  1. “The Greek temples were not used as places of ____________, but rather as __________ to their


______________ gods and goddesses.”

  1. Where are the Valley of the Temples located (city and country please).


  1. Which of the temples on the site has the 6 female statues know as Caryatids?



  1. Which would you and your partner like to visit?



  1. Explain at least one reason why you chose this monument.


Go to  Read the entire page and then pick one of the myths underlined in blue.

Read the myth silently.

  1. Write the name of the myth you read __________________________________


Think about what you read, and then answer the following questions.

  1. What was the theme/ or purpose of the myth?



  1. Who were the main characters involved in the story? List at least 3




  1. What magical/ fictional aspects did you notice in your myths?

Did you answer all of the questions on your worksheet?


Turn it in.


modified by Ms. Jordan from an anonymously uploaded webquest found on Teachers wishing to use this webquest in their own classes may contact Ms. Jordan at Yale High School, Yale, OK for a copy of the worksheet.