Greek Mythology


This WebQuest is about Greek mythology.



Please visit the following websites: -

Ancient History Encyclopedia -


Find at least three more websites about Greek mythology.

In addition, you will need to become familiar with one Greek myth of your choice.


Create a Google Slides presentation.

  1. Create an introduction slide.
  2. Summarize the information found in the websites.
  3. Give a critical review of the Greek myth that you chose.
  4. Explain the influence that Greek mythology has on writers like Shakespeare as well as the writers of today.
  5. Include a bibliography for your sources.


Criteria Needs Improvement Acceptable Proficient
The presentation contains a summary of the Greek mythology websites.      
The presentation includes a critical review of the chosen Greek myth.      
The presentation includes an explanation of the influence of Greek mythology on writers like Shakespeare and today's writers.      
The presentation includes a bibliography of sources.      
The presentation is free of spelling and grammatical errors.      



Through this WebQuest, you have viewed two Greek mythology reviews, visited websites on Greek mythology, and created a Google Slides presentation. I hope you have come out of this WebQuest with a greater interest in Greek mythology than before, or at least with a greater knowledge of Greek mythology.


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