Guinea Pig Immersion (GPI)


Welcome to your first day of your lifelong journey with guinea pigs.  During this week long research project you will create products, demonstrate knowledge, and present the information you have gathered. This work will be done in class and presented Friday.  If I notice you are not making your daily check-ins, I will assign it for HW.

Students will understand the purpose of informational text and how to utilize it to better understand the needs of domestic guinea pigs.

Task #1 Bring on the Bank

Task #2 Where Did I Come? /The Tail Bone is Connected to the…/ Just the Facts 

Task #3 Keeping Svelte

Task #4 Cleanliness Next to Godliness

Task #5 A Love Story

Task #6 Mind, Body, Spirit

Task #7 Doctor in the House?

  1. Bring on the Bank - Tasks and Where to Get Information

Create a monthly budget for the care of the GP

Generate fundraising ideas or ways to get the funds for the monthly care of the GPs

Present information

How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost?

Ranking your favorite pets by annual cost


The Cost Of Owning A Guinea Pig


  1. Where Did I Come?  - Tasks and Where to Get Information

Create an informational slideshow 

Present the information and provide  Q and A  time

History of Guinea Pig


The Tail Bone is Connected to the…

Which end is the tail? | Guinea Pigs | Guinea Pigs | Guide

Is It Bad To Put A Guinea Pig On Its Back?


Just the Facts - 

Guinea pigs: The right pet for you?

12 fun facts about gorgeous guinea pigs

100 Fun Guinea Pig Facts You Might Not Know

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live?


  1. Keeping Svelte - Tasks and Where to Get Information

Create a user friendly chart of what the GPs can and can’t eat. 

Demonstrate how to feed the GPs

guinea pig | Diet, Life Span, & Facts

How to Tell If Your Rabbit or Guinea Pig is Overweight or Underweight |

What Kind of Vegetables can Guinea Pigs Eat? – GuineaDad

Can Guinea Pigs Share Food Bowls And Water Bottles? – Pocket Sized Pets

Why Is My Guinea Pig So Picky?

Best Guinea Pig Food For Picky Eaters


  1. Cleanliness Next to Godliness- Tasks and Where to Get Information

Create a how-to checklist (daily/weekly) 

Create a daily cleaning schedule 

Demonstrate how to do a daily clean out the cage 

How to care for guinea pig cage daily

How to Clean a Guinea Pig Cage |

Can Guinea Pigs Die From A Dirty Cage?

Do Guinea Pigs Need A Heat Lamp?

Why Do Guinea Pigs Waste Their Hay? – Pocket Sized Pets

Can You Use Clorox Wipes To Clean A Guinea Pig's Cage?


  1. A Love Story  -Tasks and Where to Get Information

Produce a quick guide to understand bonding with GPs

Create a schedule of who gets to hold the GPs weekly (2 people at a time) 

Demonstrate how to take care of the GPs

 Guinea Pig Care & Facts: How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig


Do Guinea Pigs Know When You're Sad: How Can You Tell?

Why Do Guinea Pigs Nudge You?

Can Guinea Pigs Actually Fall Asleep On You?

How Long Does It Take For A Guinea Pig To Get Used To You?



  1. Mind, Body, Spirit - Tasks and Where to Get Information

Create a daily chart of activities to use in the classroom for a week

Construct some of the tasks

Present information 

How to Make Sure Your Guinea Pig is Happy |

4 Best Activities for Guinea Pigs 2020: Promote Health and Bonding

Guinea Pigs And Loud Noises: How Do They React To It?

How To Train A Guinea Pig To Go Up A Ramp

Why Do Guinea Pigs Flip Over Their House?

Why Do Guinea Pigs Get The Zoomies?

7 Ways To Tell If Your Guinea Pig Is Mad

Are Your Guinea Pigs Bored: What Are The Signs?

How Much Time Do Guinea Pigs Need? | Should I Get Guinea Pigs? | Guinea Pigs | Guide


  1. Doctor in the House? - Tasks and Where to Get Information

Create a user friendly chart that can be hung up and referenced

Present information

Guinea Pig Illness Warning Signs

How to Treat the 5 Most Common Guinea Pig Diseases

Health Problems in Guinea Pigs | VCA Animal Hospital


                                                            Guinea Pig Immersion (GPI)  - All work needs to be PUBLISHER QUALITY 

This means:

  • You have to show you are an expert
  • Complete ideas/ sentences
  • Detailed information
  • Typed or in Pen
  • Colorful
  • Done on printer paper
  • Less than three (3) Convention Mistakes (capitalization, spelling, punctuation)

The outcome of this research project is that you will be allowed to care for and interact with the Peaches and Pumpkin.

Not completing this work at a Published Quality by Friday, January 8th means you will have to wait another trimester to try again to be on their care team. 

Teacher Page

You will find my slideshow here if you have any questions about your responsibilities with the GPI research project.