Artistic Gymnastics. In artistic events (performed on a apparatus), female gymnasts compete on the Vault, floor, bars and beam. Male compete floor, vault, pommel horse, rings, parallel bars and horizontal bars. Gymnastics displays strength, agility and mental toughness, gymnastics has provided some of the most breathtaking spectacles of Olympic history.

In the wed quest, you will learn more about artistic gymnastics. You will research facts and more information to answer questions and to get an understanding of what is artistic gymnastics. You will also learn more about the events. hopefully, in the end, you will get have a clear understanding of gymnastics. GOOD LUCK!


There are two parts of this task which will later add up to your final score.

20 points-research wed quest 

-learn more about each female event 

-learn more about each male event 

-Explore facts about Artist gymnastics for female and male 

20 points-research Web quests 

-research facts about the history of gymnastics 

-investigate the differences of male and female gymnastics 



task 1: research and answer the following questions.

how many events do the females have ?

how many events do males have ?

name the 3 female events

name the 3 male events

true or false