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Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages, posting or sharing negative, harmful, false or mean content about someone else. 


On the 21st of September 2021, we had a case of Cyberbullying at our very own school, A. Shipena, whereby a grade 12 boy bullying a grade 8 learner online by sending negative and harmful information of the grade 8 learner. You task is to conduct a research about the Causes, Effects and Solutions of Cyberbullying.


1. Define the term Cyberbullying.

Before you start answering your research questions, firstly define the term Cyberbullying in your own understanding.

2. Start answering: the Causes,  Effects and Solutions. 

Write your answers in a chronological manner, firstly Causes, secondly Effects and then lastly Solutions.Give 10 answers on each point, e.g. 10 Causes, 10 Effects and 10 Solutions to Cyberbullying. Clearly explain each point that you give or state.

3. Conclusion 

Lastly, what you have to do is give a Conclusion to your research. Write a 2-3 sentences as your conclusion, in which you state or say your final remarks, whether you speak for people who bully others or you do not speak for Cyberbullying.

4. Task is out of 30 marks!

The research will be marked out of 30.


  Very good: 30 marks Good: 15 marks  Poor: 9 marks

Definition, explanation and format

The learner defined cyberbullying in their own understanding and they explained every point that they gave. The format of the research is well formulated, starting from introduction to conclusion.  The learner defined the term Cyberbullying, however not in their own understanding. They gave reasonable explanation with a little bit of explanations. The format is not that bad. The learner failed to define cyberbullying, they listed points with no explanations. The research is not done in a chronological manner. 
Understanding And points given  The learner has to show an understanding of what  exactly is cyberbullying and they have give ten points on each: Causes, Effects and Solutions  The learner shows a little bit of understanding of what they are doing and points given are at least 8/10 Lack and poor  understanding of the topic, few points given and unclear points. 



Cyberbullying is something very serious and may damage someone's self esteem etc. Stop cyberbullying, say No to cyberbullying!


Google: https://www.cyberbullying.com 

Dictionary: Oxford Dictionary 

Link for 10 shapes of tag cloud: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lKcHN6q9jN-45_HX5-SqVSZcOx5XwFZ3/ed…

Teacher Page

Thus research aims to inform grade 8-12  learners on the Causes, Effects and Solutions of cyberbullying. The importance of teaching these learners about cyberbullying is to create a better and peaceful environment, community and world around us. Change begins with us, say no to Cyberbullying!