Happy Hippos


The Global Wildlife Foundation (GWF) has asked you to help establish an animal friendly Australian Safari Park. A five hectare wildlife reserve has been set aside for hippos, elephants, lions, tortoises and giraffes.

The GWF requires you to submit a design for the safari park showing:-

a. the total mass of the animals in each enclosure

b. the space allocated to each animal enclosure

c. how much food they receive each week

d. the amount of time the animal trainer will spend with the animals during feeding time

Show all these details on a plan of the safari park, and a feeding schedule so that the GWF can be satisfied that the animals are cared for humanely.


Learning Intentions:

You will calculate the total area required for each animal enclosure, feature and facility

You will write a daily feeding schedule and calculate the number of hours spend feeding the animals. Calculate the daily food requirements.

You will draw a site map of the Australian Safari Park, including animal enclosures, features and facilities. Mark all features on the map.

Display the site map and explain it to the class. Justify the choices made on the feeding schedule and the site map.

You are to use Microsoft Excel for your daily feeding schedule and daily food and feeding times. Examples of both tables are in iMaths.



1. Log into your iMaths account and open Investigation 2 "Happy Hippos" and download the investigation printables to your Happy Hippos Investigation folder in your one drive.

2. Read, Understand and Plan your investigation. Save your completed plan into your Happy Hippos folder in your one drive.

3. Create a glossary to understand the following words:- confines, hectare, enclosure, humanely, justify, allocated, schedule, kiosk, impact and save to your Happy Hippos folder in your one drive.

4. Highlight the learning intentions in your rubric and read through the success criteria (column A)

5. Continue to follow the steps in the "Happy Hippos" investigation in iMaths.



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You may create a diorama or digital version of your Australian Safari Park once you have completed your site map and it has been checked by the teacher.