A healthy diet is the basis for a well- functioning body. Food is the main source of energy for all the functions of human organism. There is a variety of resons why a healthy diet is important for human beings, including disease  prevention, maintenance of a healthy weight and quality of life, increase the the energy level. In order to help people to get a proper daily nutrition, scientists and dieticians suggest to observe the rules to introduce every day a balanced contribution of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, mineral elements. An optimal distribution of nutrients is given by the Food Pyramid, designed just to make healthy eating easier.



This webquest is referred to the search about the structure of the Food Pyramid. At the end of this work, students will be aware about the differences between fast and healthy food. According to this topic, students will be asked to afford such a search in order to learn which foods can be considered healthy or unhealthy for human beings, which foods should be eaten in large or little amounts.Then, students are introduced to the Food Pyramid  in order to learn and to know which are the main nutritive principles and to understand the importance of having a well-balanced daily nutrition.


In group of three, students will be asked to work together in order to learn more about the differences between fast food and healthy food, the nutrients involved in the different levels of the Food Pyramid, the planning a balanced daily diet subdivided among five meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks), the Mediterranean Diet and its main features.

Group 1: Definition of unhealthy food and the negative effects of Fast Foods (; ).

Group 2: List the nutrients and give more details according to their own peculiarities in  the common daily diet (;

Group 3: Describe the typical Food Pyramid and the subdivision of nutrients through the daily meals- Planning a daily diet for young people practicing sport  (;;;

Group 4: Describe the Mediterranean Diet and analyse its positive effects on human health(;;;).


The students final grade will depend on the level of the efforts involved in such an activity. It is necessary that each student has to carry out accurately the tasks assigned.


In this conclusive phase students should be able to distinguish between unhealthy and healthy food; to know what are nutrients and their basic role in the Food Pyramid and, according to it, to organize a nutritional daily plan; to describe the main aspects of the Mediterranean Diet,recognized as the most efficient and complete food style; to establish the proper amounts of nutrients by well-balanced meals.