Healthy Lifestyles


Being a healthy adult starts with being a healthy kid. It's important to understand that the choices you make about eating and exercise make a difference. Eating foods that are good for us and staying active make us feel better and helps our bodies to accomplish amazing things.

But what does physical fitness mean to you? It might mean playing soccer, or dancing, or walking your dog. Maybe you still haven't found that activity that you really love. This webquest will help students understand what it means to be physically active and to eat right. You will learn about fitness activities and healthy eating, try new activities, and create a fitness plan that's just right for you


1. Each student will begin by taking online tests about fitness and nutrition.

2. Students will then read articles or watch YouTube videos about healthy eating and exercise, and take notes about activities that might interest them.

3. Students will fill out weekly journals to track their eating habits and activity time, then post their journals on Google Docs. 


1. Take a quiz to see how good your food choices are! 

2.  Do you know if you're exercising enough? Find out below.

3. How did you score on both of these quizzes? Tell me in our GoogleDocs class. How could you do better? 

4. Follow the website at the link below, read the article that states " Be a Fit Kid " then tell me a part that stood out for you that you would like to focus on. 

5. with the link below, I want you to keep track of your food and exercise for a week. Then turn it in on Friday.




What did you learn after this week about yourself?

How do you feel now? Do you have more energy?

Tell me one way you will keep active from now on.



You are now one step closer to a happier and healthier life!

How do you feel? did you enjoy the activities?

Don't forget that Health is for the rest of your life! Take care of yourself.