Healthy lifestyles


Being healthy means being mentally and emotionally fit. Being healthy should be part of your overall lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. Feeling good about yourself and taking care of your health are important for your self-esteem. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing and eating what is right for your body.


What do you have to do?

  • To do the different pre-tasks shown below.
  • To reading the text and acquire vocabulary and information.
  • To be aware of how important is to live a healthy lifestyle. 
  • To complete the activities of comprehension of the text after reading it. 

1. Discuss with your partner. Which of the following food and drinks do you think are healthy?

Pizza - Junk food - cheese - fresh fruit - beer - wine - mineral water - burgers - fish - sugar-free products - chips - yoghurt - orange juice - soft drinks


2. Read the article you have below and try to answer the question.

Do we eat too much junk food? The answer, it seems, is: yes, we do! The UK now has one of the highest levels of obesity in Europe – and people are continuing to get fatter. In 1980, 2.5 million people were overweight; this figure is now 24 million.

The government plans to introduce a voluntary system where supermarkets use coloured labels to show consumers which products are healthy. For example, a traffic light system of labels would show red, amber and green symbols to tell consumers if a product has high, medium or low levels of salt or fat, or has added sugar and calories.

Another plan is to ban adverts for junk food on television before 9 o’clock in the evening. This is because many children watch TV until then. If this ban comes into effect, it will cover products high in fat, salt or sugar. That includes burgers, crisps and soft drinks.

The UK health system spends over £6 billion a year as a result of alcohol use – or misuse. Under the new measures, labels on alcohol like beer and wine will also be clearer. But will such measures change the way we eat and drink? Many people believe that the government should not tell people what to do. After all, whose fault is it if we choose to eat too much chocolate?

  • What are the measures of UK government to help people live healthier? Try to explain with your own words.


3. Complete the table. Then write sentences with the words you have writen. 

NOUN              -           VERB

   _______      -            to ban     -->

advert              -    __________    -->

 _______       -           to label      -->

introduction     -   __________    -->

 ________       -       to consume  -->

product           -   __________    -->


4. Decice if you agree or disagree with the following statements. Then, report your ideas to your classmates (debate).

                                                                                                                               Agree               Disagree               Not sure

  • Junk food adverts should be banned on TV
  • Supermarkets should label products as healthy or unhealthy
  • The government should not tell people what to eat
  • I should eat healthier


5. Can you think of any other measure that can be introduced to encourage healthy eating?