Hello friends. Classi Seconde


You will be working in pairs and you'll practice questions and answers about simple topics such as:

My school

My routine

My family

My house

My best friend

Then you'll ask and answer about those topics.


You'll meet some new friends from Fasano (BR) or from Sarno (SA) online and you'll ask and answer with them, in English,  about one of those topics, randomly chosen.

To introduce you, your school and your town you'll produce a short video with 5/6 photos and you'll send it a week before the video call.


After practising a lot in pairs on the said topics, you'll have an online interview through skype or whats app video call.

You'll be  chosen at random and you'll discuss on a randomly chosen topic with one of those new friends.

You must only speak in English.

At the beginning of the conversation, you'll have to shortly introduce you.

You have to be polite and smiling. No panic!


You will be evaluated on:

Your competence in working in pair with interest, motivation, politeness and accuracy.

Your level of politeness and accuracy during the video call.

Your speaking and answering abilities during the video call.


Some photos will be taken and a video will be edited on this activity.