Help! I'm Stuck in the Library


          Oh no!  You were so busy reading your book that you didn't notice the library closed! It is already dark outside! It's a bit like night at the museum isn't it?!  But WAIT! There is a way for you to get food and unlock the library to get home. DO YOU ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE?


          Here is your mission!


          Answer the questions given and make sure to find your way out the library. 10 correct answers will give you a hint to where the library key is so that you can unlock the door and make your way OUT!



          Good luck!


  You are to learn about books arranged in the different sections of the library that are organised by the Dewey Decimal System and Boolean Operators!

 1. Answer the questions asking about the inventor of the Dewey Decimal System, fiction and non-fiction books, and Boolean Operators.

2. Find the answers on the wordfind and discover a mystery word that will unlock you from the library.


 Eager to go home? What are you waiting for? GO! START THE ADVENTURE. Have fun! :) 


1. Collect a 'Library Skills quiz. 

2. Go to 'Library Skills' tab on the Mt Sion iCentre Homepage

3. Answer the questions to reveal  a mystery word

4. When you get your mystery word, you have the 'key' to get out of the library and head home!!


Congratulations on finding your way home. Without realising it, you have accomplished a significant amount of understanding when it comes to research skills. Enjoy a well-earned rest at home with your favourite meal and warm cosy bed!