Helpful, Harmful, or Both


Oh no! You have been turned into a tiny bacteria and are traveling around to different places. While on your journey, you are making many stops and are either helping, harming, or doing both to the location. Let's explore some of the different locations you have stopped at while on your journey and determine if you have helped, harmed, or did both while visiting. Remember, the more you learn about your effect on the different locations, the better your chances are of changing back into your normal self!


Alright bacteria! It is time to look at your task. 

Task 1: Using the provided resources, explore the different locations you have traveled and see if you helped, harmed, or did both to that particular location. 

Task 2: You will make a Google Slides presentation of your exploration.  


See the source imageSee the source image

Task 1: Using the following resources, research different places bacteria can be found. Be sure to pay attention to the effects it caused at each different location. Was it helpful, harmful, or both? What changes did it make? TAKE NOTES!

Video: Good Germs vs. Bad Germs


Task 2: Using Google Slides ( pick 5 locations from your research above. Each slide should include the following:

1) The location bacteria is found.

2) Was the bacteria helpful, harmful, or both at the location?

3) What did the bacteria do to be helpful, harmful, or both?

4) A picture of the location. 


*Be sure to include a title slide. The title slide should include your name, a cool title for the presentation, and graphics. Make it fun and be creative!

*You should have 6 slides total. 












(In Progress)


(Does not meet)


Title page includes: Your name, title of presentation, and a graphic.


I have included all 3 requirements. I have included 2 of the 3 requirements.  I have included 1 of the 3 requirements.  I do not have a title slide.   



I have all 6 slides included.  I have 4-5 slides included. I have 2-3 slides included.  I have 0-1 slides included.  

Information on slides includes: Location bacteria are found, if the bacteria was helpful, harmful, or both, how was the bacteria helpful, harmful, or both, and a picture of the location. 


I have included all information on my slides. I have included only 3 parts of the information on my slides.  I have included 2 parts of the information on my slides.  I have included 1 part of the information on my slides.  



All of my slides are neat and easy to read. 4-5 of my slides are neat and easy to read.  2-3 of my slides are neat and easy to read.  0-1 of my slides are easy to read.  



Congratulations! You have now come to the end of your journey. What a discovery! You have visited different locations and were helpful, harmful, or both. With all the knowledge you have gained on your journey, you can now describe the ways bacteria helps and the ways it can harm. The knowledge and understanding you now have has allowed you to change back to your regular self!

Teacher Page

This WebQuest was designed for 5th grade students. The goal of this activity is for students to research bacteria and analyze the ways it can help and harm the world around us. 


Standard: S5L4. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about how microorganisms benefit or harm larger organisms. 


WebQuest designed by: Yolanda Sims