Global Citizenship has become a popular concept lately, this is due to the fundamentals of sustainable development. The issue around global citizenship is correlated with the Idea of international Relations. Where did it all begun? In 1914 the world went to the Battle field and after 1918 all most the whole world was a new place with new ideologies. The feudalists have turned to democracy and capitalism, dictatorships emerged, innovations changed the ways of the people and many more changes.


In this Lesson we are going to learn more about the, causes, course and results of the First World War 


The causes of the First World War

The MAIN causes of the World War One

  • Militarism
  • Alliances
  • Imperialism
  • Nationalism


The Course of World War One.

  • The Western and Eastern Battlefields
  • The Stalemate.
  • War at Sea
  • War in the Air
  • The Gallipoli Campaign
  • Innovations


The Results of World War One.

  • Destruction of property and human lives.
  • Armistice.
  • Weimer Republic 
  • Treaty of Versailles.
  • Formation of the League of Nations



Describe the causes of The First World War of 1914-1918.

  • Describe how militarism led to the war.
  • Describe the Sarajevo incident.
  • Describe nationalism in the Balkan states.
  • Describe the Russo-German interest in the Balkans.
  • Describe the Bismarck alliance system.

Marking levels

Identify and describe one cause.                                                         1-2 Marks

Identify and describe two causes.                                                     3-4 Marks

Identify and describe three or more causes.                                      5 Marks

Marks 5


Explain the reason for a stalemate in the Western Front.

  • Explain how Belgian's resistance affected the Schlieffen Plan.
  • Explain the failure of the Schlieffen plan.
  • Explain how Russian mobilisation affected the western front. 
  • Explain the French's Taxi to war.
  • Explain the Trench warfare.

Marking levels

Explaining one reason.                                                                    1-3 Marks

Explaining two reasons.                                                                   3-5 Marks

Explaining three or more reasons.                                                   6-8 Marks

Marks 8

Discuss the importance of United States of America's entrance into the war.

  • USA came with fresh soldiers and weapons.
  • Germany was short of supply of food and weapons.
  • Innovation and use of aircrafts and tanks.
  • German's divided battlefields.
  • America's new world power status.

Marking levels

Identify or describe one incident.                                                      1-2 Marks

One sided explanation                                                                      3-4 Marks

Explain both sides                                                                            4-8 Marks

Explain both sides and own evaluation                                            9-12 Marks

Marks 12





The webquest was prepared to help learners learn about the events that took place in the world history. These past events are our laboratory of human experiences. Their impact on international relations and our daily lives and why we have regional and international organisations and their impact on gorvenment's policy making bodies.