History of Electricity


Hello, welcome back students. For class today you will complete a webquest of the history of electricity. You will have roughly 20- 25 minutes to answer the following questions related to the History of Computer Programming. 

The Following links will help you find the answers to your WebQuest.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask for assistance.


  1. One of the first electric pioneers was William Gilbert (1544-1603) wrote what book about electricity? What was the book about?
  2. 1733, Charles Francois du Fay discovered that electricity comes in two forms, positive and negative. What were their original names?
  3. Who invented the Telegraph based off of Joseph Henrys’ research? Why was the telegraph so important to society when it first was introduced to the world? What was the main components of the Telegraph?
  4. Tomas Edison was not the first one to create the electric light bulb, although Edison was the first to create an electric light bulb using Direct Current (DC), Explain what is Direct Current (DC)?
  5. Nikolas Tesla was the first to create an Alternating Current (AC) electric motor. Explain what is Alternating Current?




Question: Since electricity powers practically everything in our society today, name some objects that does not need to be powered by electricity? (try to write a paragraph)


Now since you students have a understanding of the history of electricity, follow the link below and play an interactive game about how us humans currently use electricity.

Sortify: Current Electricity - GameUp - BrainPOP.



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