Choose an artist that we have covered that you would like to research and present to the class. It can be someone who is currently performing today or someone from the past. 

Choose an artist/band and give this information to Mr. Giglio.

The artists/bands you can choose from are:

  • Bill Haley
  • Elvis Presley
  • The Beatles (or any of the solo careers of the 4 members)
  • Jimi Hendrix

Your task is to create a Google Slides presentation that highlights your artist. Your grade on this project will be based on the quality and information presented on your slides as well as your presentation to the class. This project is worth 100 points and will count as your FINAL EXAM.




Look up the following information and save it on paper or in a Word Doc.



     1.Date of birth (and death if they are in the past) If you are studying a group, list each  member and what date the band got              together (and the year they stopped playing together if they are in the past). Also include where they were born, any                      information about their families as well as any important information about their death.


     2. Where did he/she/they grow up? (If you are studying a group, list where the group met as well.) Give details.


     3.  What genre would you categorize them in? (some may be a combination of several) 

                 Here are some examples: 

                Rock – Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Alternative, Country Gospel, Bluegrass, Contemporary Country 

4. What influence do you believe was the strongest from the following genres on your chosen artist?

    How any why?

            Rhythm and Blues / Jazz / Country and Western / Gospel / other


5. Choose 4 of the following questions to answer. 

  • How did he/she/they get into the music field?
  • Who influenced them greatly in life?
  • Did they grow up playing/singing music?
  • What music artists have influenced their sound/music?
  • How long has this individual or group been performing as a career?
  • Has this individual or group won any awards? (Grammy, etc.)
  • Does this group ever come to New York on tour?
  • What kind of instruments do they use?What subjects do they sing about?

THE FOLLOWING SITES MAY BE USED FOR INFORMATION (Please use these websites with caution. If you come across questionable material, please notify Mr. Giglio.) There are many other site you can use for your information. You may also use my Powerpoint presentation as a resource.






http://rapgenius.com/ (Rap)

http://soul-sides.com/  (Soul Music)

If you have trouble finding information, you MAY want to try wikipedia. However, you must state that your information is from wikipedia and is not completely reliable.

Wikipedia is a good place to get opinions on what genres and influences that your artist may have. It is not a good place to get facts, such as history.

****SOURCES: You MUST have a MINIMUM of 5 sources cited!****

Open up Powerpoint and create the following presentation:

Slide 1            Band Title and Picture(s)

Slide 2            Answers to questions 1 & 2

Slide 3            Answers to questions 3 & 4

Slide 4            Answer to first chosen question in Question #5

Slide 5            Answer to second chosen question in Question #5 

Slide 6            Answer to third chosen question in Question #5

Slide 7            Answer to fourth chosen question in Question #5  

Slide 8            Images (or whatever you want!)

Slide 9            Why did you choose this artist? (Give a few good reasons.)

Slide 10           Video or Audio Link & CITE ALL SOURCES (minimum of 5 sources!)

Slide 11           SEE BELOW....

You will also need to add an 11th slide with one of the following:

  • An online quiz for us to take as a class
  • An online crossword or wordsearch
  • Information from an interview (written or on audio/video)
  • Information on charity work your artist does
  • Information on his/her family life (or choose a main member from your group to research)
  • Information on an upcoming album or tour they are doing

You will be graded with the following rubric:


Group Title & Image


Information/Questions Answered


Correct # of slides


Design (fonts, colors)



Presentation to Class


Total Points


Total Grade