Hobie Hanson, You're Weird


It's almost summer break, and Hobie's best friend, Nick, has to go to summer camp. Read as they find the strangest things in their desks and lockers, the crazy things that happen to Hobie, even if he wanted summer to stay boring. What will he do without his best friend with him as the Fourth of July, Hobie's birthday, all comes crashing down into an insane pie contest that gets the front cover of the newspaper?

  • Read the book "Hobie Hanson, You're Weird".
  • Make sure to take as many notes that you need.
  • After you have taken notes, complete the questions (In Process).
  • Make a would-you-rather game out of all the things that happen to Hobie in the book.
  1. What was in Nick's desk?
  2. Why did Hobie want to change his name?
  3. When is Hobie's birthday, and why does he hate it?
  4. What did Hobie see Ms. Ivanovitch do?
  5. What do the kids call Ms. Ivanovitch?
  6. Why did Molly buy a ticket?
  7. What was Molly's ticket for?
  8. What was the stranger lighting?
  9. WHo ended up in the pie contest with Hobie and why?
  10. What did the photographer make Hobie and Molly do?

Part 2:

  • Make a game of Would-you-rather by finding the things that happened to Hobie in the story and using two different things.
  • Make a board with spaces and everybody votes which thing they would rather happen to them.
  • Whichever thing that gets the most votes, the person who took out the card gets to move that many spaces for whichever they voted.