Hogwarts-Where in the World Will You Be Sorted


You have just received a letter stating you are a witch or a wizard who may attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry beginning September 1. You had no idea that “yer a wizard.” ⚡️


You need to do some research and find out all you can about this school before you and your family can make an informed decision. Is this the right school for you?


You need to research the school.

  1. Who were it’s founders?
  2. When was it built?
  3. Where was it built and why was it built there?
  4. Name at least one of the most famous headmasters/headmistresses

Next you will research the founder of the house you were sorted into.


All this information will be compiled into a creatively typed 3 paragraph report with a uniquely designed cover.

  1. First paragraph will discuss the school
  2. Second paragraph addresses the founder of the house you were sorted into
  3. Third paragraph discusses wether or not this is the school for you and why/why not.