Holidays Around the World


Happy December!  For this month, we will be stamping our passport and traveling to different countries to explore how others celebrate the Christmas holiday! Have fun exploring, and make sure you are thinking about how you celebrate the holiday!


Your task will be to learn how others celebrate the Christmas Holiday in a different country. You will research the websites listed and fill out important information such as when the holiday is celebrated, special activities, food, and what Santa leaves for the children. You will have the month of December to complete your research.  When we return from Christmas Break, you will create a PowerPoint on your favorite country that you visited and compare it to how you celebrated Christmas.  


Websites are listed under the teacher page!


1. Grab a computer from the cart

2. Get your passport stamped by the teacher

3. Collect the country page that you are researching on the teacher's desk

4. Use the website under the Teacher Page to research your country.  

5. Answer the questions on the country page


Students will collect information on how other countries celebrate Christmas with 100% accuracy on their questions.  Students will create a clear PowerPoint comparing their favorite county visited and how they celebrate their own holiday.  


After completing the WebQuest, students will have an understanding of how people around the world celebrate holidays at Christmas time.  


This WebQuest was created in allignment with the Common Core State Standards.  The Holidays Around the World Packet was created by "The Teacher Next Door"

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