Home Economics (Food Nutrition and Health)


This lesson is planned for grade 7.

Students are between the ages of 11 to 12.   This lesson will start at 8:30 to 10:00.

Topic for the lesson is  Food Groups. 


After viewing a display on various foods students will do the following task.

1.Make groups of five with four members each.

2. Use the display and make a list of all the food items.

3. Give the name of the food groups on display.

4. Give ten examples of  the food items under its correct groups.

5. Say which nutrients are found in each groups. 


The teacher will have a short interactive class discussion on the topic with the students. 

Questions that will be asked to conduct the lesson are as follow.

1.What are your favorite food?

2.How often do you eat these foods

3.Using one student example of their favorite food as a way of identifying the nutrients. Students will follow this pattern for their task.



Each groups will be given then the opportunity to present to the class on their group tasks.

Evaluation strategy would be the group presentation.

During group presentation the teacher will identify if the lesson objective was achieve.



The teacher will conclude the lesson with a musical chair on the main concept. 


Each aspect of the lesson will be graded.

Teacher Page

Food groups are:                                 Examples of foods                   Nutrients in each groups

1.Staples                                              1.Oats                                       1.Carbohydrates

2.Fats and oils                                      2.Lard                                        2.Fats

3.Vegetables                                        3.Carrots                                     3.Minerals

4.Fruits                                                 4.Cherries                                  4.Vitamins/Water

5.Food from Animals                            5.Chicken                                   5.Protein

6.Legumes                                           6.Channa                                    6.Protein