Homelessness and how its affecting children



Physical or emotional abuse in most families’ has played a crucial role in displaying thousands of children who lack a home and other necessities of living. In New York, America, the number of homeless youth over the recent years has increased following different challenges that the children face while at home. Lack of understanding between parents and their children in society has ensured the rapid rise in rate within modern communities. Poor relation between the parents and the children has significantly led to this issue, with most of the children in the street coming from well-off families. Lack of emotional and physical understanding has led to the two participants in the community failing to understand each other, leading to children running away from home. Though the children belong to the street, they require the necessities of life; this paper will significantly dwell on the relevant ways of restoring the life of the homeless children in the street, showing the significance of street children to society. The problem of street children is risking the lives of many children both born and unborn, since the environment that the street children are surviving in is not human-friendly. Resolving the challenge of street children will significantly help in sustaining many lives by taking them to safer shelter hence useful for the future of the streets.     

  • Image preview   Homelessness can happen overnight, which is why it is an ongoing problem. There are different factors that lead to homelessness in youth, but no matter what the cause no child should feel like they are alone. 
  •   Which is why my solution the end homelessness among children starts there. I want all children to know they are not alone and can have “A New Beginning”.    
  • My aim is to establish an  organization called “A new beginning”. This foundation would target homeless youth and give them the same opportunities any child deservers in the proper environment. There will be social workers, nurses, psychologist, amongst a list of other professions at these facilities to assist these kids as needed.    
  • i will start by partnering with the government and UNICEF to help make the life of these homeless children better by taking them off the streets.   The link below shows the New York legislative bill passed in 2021 to increase family voucher payment.  https://nlihc.org/resource/new-york-legislature-passes-bill-increasing-family-voucher-payments                                                                                        



 In the chart displayed to the left, you will find a list of homeless children per academic school year. This ranges from 2009-2015, so we can only imagine what the numbers are now. Keeping in mind these are just children that attended school not the dropouts, children underage, or those who simply stopped attending. Therefore, homelessness among children must end. According to the National Conference of State Legislators the American Rescue Plan Act that signed off in 2021, provides states with funding to support youth that are experiencing homelessness. $800,000,000 is to be used for the identification, enrollment in school, and participation of youth experiencing homelessness. In clicking the link below learn more in depth about this. https://www.ncsl.org/research/human-services/homeless-and-runaway-youth.aspx 


In conclusion, to  help with the overall unmet need of youth homelessness  I plan to create a facility they can turn to instead of stating on  the streets (“A New Beginning”). As a social worker and witnessing  firsthand the trauma and adolescence a child can suffer from when pushed out of their home is heartbreaking. it can cause a lot of damage to an individual, which is why i plan to help youth start start a new beginning by helping them fulfill their dreams and bettering their lives.