Homophobia is a serious prejudice, it consists of hatred and repulsion towards homosexuals, an attitude that must be combatted so that we can form a society that is based on tolerance and respect for others, regardless of their sexual orientation.



The goals are to learn more about this subject through research. Have more knowledge and awareness of how this prejudice affects people and find ways to combat homophobia.


We researched homophobia and how it affects students in schools, we see graphs and statistics on the number of people who have suffered this prejudice at school and we also researched how this prejudice affects individuals without family support.


In research we found the meaning of the word homophobia. Word formed from the Greek: “homo”, equal, similar; “phobia”, fear, aversion, lack of tolerance, anguish. Homophobia has caused many fatalities and many other types of persecution, the result of unreasonable and irrational intolerance. Neologism already registered in recently published dictionaries.


With research throughout the work, we concluded that this prejudice is very serious and affects adolescents and adults very frequently. Homophobia kills many people, a dirty and sad prejudice. We must do everything we can to combat homophobia and any other prejudice.