Hopewell Rocks


Today, you will be exploring the Hopewell Rocks. You will have a chance to explore and find out some interesting things you may not already know! 


Your goal today is: 

1. Find a picture of the Hopewell Rocks before the tide comes in and after the tide comes in. 

2. Find a virtual tour of Hopewell Rocks. 

3. Find and write the definition of a "sea stack" 

4. What is a nickname for the rocks? 

5. What caused the Hopewell Rocks to develop how they have today? 

6. What are some features of Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park?

7. How many access points to Hopewell Rocks are there?

8. How do you get to the ocean floor? (Bonus if you add details about the amount of ______ it takes to get there)



Each Question will be worth 2 points, with one bonus question.