House of Echoes WebQuest


In this WebQuest, you will be connecting real world events with the events that occur in House of Echoes and relating that information back to the book for in-depth analysis of the plot, characters, and the unknown.  


To better understand the connections from the book to real life events, you will be viewing instances where paranormal activities were recorded by people and how the interactions are similar to that of the book. After viewing over the "Process," you will be required to make a Venn Diagram and write three paragraphs comparing and contrasting the events, one for each of the links. 


In this paranormal account, a café in Texas is closed due to a series of unexplainable events happening. Make sure to pay attention to the evidence the café owners give and how it can related back to some of the events in the book. 

This link has a list of recording of animals that have mysterious died and been found with little to no explanation as to why they died. Relate this back to the scenes where random animals would be found gruesomely killed, such as Hudson's death. 

This medical article has symptoms and reason as to why someone maybe be seeing and/or hearing things that are not actually there. This can be related back to the way Ben and Caroline second guess themselves and their surroundings as strange things begin to occur. 


1st link - The instance of the barricades of the café being torn down but no alarms going off is similar to the mysterious burning of the shed. Both instances have destruction being done, but no evidence to support that it happened other that the instance itself. 

2nd link - The mass amount of times where animals have randomly came up dead in the real world is relevant to the amount of times animals were found dead in the novel, such as the opossum that Charlie tries the blood of and Hudson. In both cases, animals seemingly died without any actual cause of its death, which can not only be alarming to the people around these areas but to the idea that there is a supernatural force causing this harm.

3rd link - The symptoms of hearing and seeing things and the ideas that run through Ben and Caroline's heads are similar, as both start to think it is not them but the paranormal and the unexplained. In Ben and Caroline's case, it is, but for most people, there are usually affected by something of their past or present that has caused them to develop this "sense" of hearing and seeing imaginary things. 



For the Venn Diagram, the only guideline is that there is a minimum of five points for each section. For the paragraphs, there is a minimum of six sentences. There should be a point of focus, evidence to support that point, and a following discussion about the topic. 


House of Echoes is a book that goes beyond what we know and makes the characters and the reader think about the truth with different interpretations. The relations between paranormal activities recorded in the real world and the events of the book bring to life ideas that seem out-of-this-world, but in reality are not far from what some people have gone through. The unknown in both the book and real life are still trying to be explained to this day, but maybe there will never be one...


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