How can the rock cycle?


The Rock Cycle


Travel along a virtual & interactive rock cycle and learn about: 

Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks 

How geological processes change rocks over time




Build knowledge and/or review information on the three main types of rocks igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic as well as how rocks are continuously broken down and created through the rock cycle. 

For most students, the WebQuest works best as a follow-up activity to an introductory lesson. It also serves as a great review before a test. For advanced or older students this Webquest can serve as an introductory activity! 

This Webquest is specifically designed for students to explore a wonderful interactive website called Interactive Rock Cycle. The web address is


Grading this Webquest is very flexible. For my class, I assign a certain number of points and base the student’s grade on a combination of fully completing the assignment (turning in all required parts) and correct answers or reasonable answers where applicable.


Students need to look ______ More earth science WebQuests:



Ring of fire

Earth’s Interior Structure



Name _________________________ Date ____________ 

ROCK CYCLE WEBQUEST Due Date ________ 


Type in or click on this link:



1. Click on the link that says “Types of Rocks” - found along the green band running across the webpage – READ ALL OF THE INFORMATION ON THE WEBPAGE BEFORE FILLING IN THE INFORMATION BELOW 

At the bottom of the screen click on “Next: Start your rock collection”. Follow the directions for the activity to determine whether each rock below is sedimentary, metamorphic, or igneous – write the rock type in the space provided. 

Rock Name                                                                                  Rock Type 








2. Click on “Identify Rock Types” and complete the quiz. Record your score ________ 


3. Click on “Move on to the next chapter” (How Rocks Change). Click on Start to watch the “Heat and Pressure” animation. What type of rock was formed in this animation? ____________________________________ 


4. Click on “Next” at the bottom of the screen. Read about “How Rocks Change”. Based on the reading what is the meaning of the following words: 

Extrusive igneous rock - 


Intrusive igneous rock - 



5. Watch the animations on melting and cooling. In the box, describe and/or draw what you saw in one of the animations: 





6. Click on “Next” (How Rocks Change). Read the paragraphs about Weathering & Erosion and Compacting & Cementing so that you can match the terms with the statements:

____ sediment                                                           a) processes of breakdown and transport of sediment  

____ wind and water                                                 b) where sediment accumulates over time 

____ weathering and erosion                                   c) pressing of sediment particles together 

____ oceans, lakes, valleys                                      d) binding of particles together 

____ compacting                                                       e) weather elements that break up and move rock pieces 

____ cementing                                                         f) bits and pieces of rock and other natural objects 


Use the terms above to fill in the blanks: Wind and _____________ break up rock into 

_____________ that is transported to oceans, lakes and _____________. 

Layers of sediment are_____________ and cemented over time and form sedimentary _____________. 


7. Click on “Transform the Rock”. Record your score _____________ 


8. Click on “next chapter” (The Rock Cycle Diagram). Click on any type of rock (sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous) and list the three example rocks that are shown: 

Rock type: ____________________________ 

Examples: ______________________________________________________________________ 

Click on the “Compacting & Cementing” icon. Describe what is happening in the animation: 




9. Click on “Complete the Cycle” and do the activity. Record your score ______________ 


10. Click on “Move on to the final chapter” (Test Your Skills). Follow the directions. PRINT 

YOUR TEST AND TURN IN WITH THIS PACKET (note that the test may open in another tab). 


Test Your Skills

Answer Questions About Rocks and the Rock Cycle in Test Your Skills


This is an assessment to see how much you've learned in this interactive. Answer the following questions, which will be scored and can be printed for review when you are done.