How to Care for a New Puppy!



Hi Preschoolers! My nephew really, really wants a new puppy, but his parents do not think he is ready for one. He knows NOTHING about taking care of a puppy. There is a lot to learn! Taking care of a puppy is a huge responsibility! I was thinking...maybe you can learn all about how to take care of a puppy, then share what you learned with my nephew. What do you think? Are you willing to help him?


With your parent or guardian's help and guidance, I want you to learn everything you can about taking care of a puppy. Once you have learned everything you need to know, I want you to record a video explaining to my nephew a few important items he needs to buy, and things he needs to do each day to make sure his new puppy will grow up happy and healthy.




Using the links provided below, you will choose at least one video to watch that teaches you about taking care of a new puppy. You will then print out and/or review the checklist, so you know what items he will need to buy, and what he will need to do on a daily/weekly basis if he got a new puppy. After, you will select at least one game to play to see if you have learned enough to help teach him. If you have, you will record a video of yourself explaining to my nephew all the important information he will need to know to care for a new puppy.

Let's get started! Select and view at least one of the video links below:

After you have watched at least one of the videos above, select this link to review a check list to make sure you know everything you will need to buy or do:…

Now that you have learned all about taking care of a puppy, I want you to choose at least one link to test your knowledge and see how much you have learned!…


Now that you have taken the time to learn all about taking care of a new puppy, it is your turn to teach my nephew! Submit your video via my email or Seesaw for grading. Your video will need to be at least two minutes long, and give at least three helpful tips for my nephew. At the end of your video, I want you to think of at least one puppy name to help give my nephew some ideas on what he can name his new puppy when he gets one.


Thank you so much for helping to teach my nephew how to care for a new puppy! With all your help and hard work I'm sure he will be a great, responsible dog owner! 😊