"How do we become more aware of traffic problems in Tbilisi?"


Nowadays traffic has become the most controversial and most debated issue in Tbilisi, Georgia. You and your classmates have decided to explore the causative reasons and find the ways to solve and avoid this problem.


You are going to work in groups of 4 people and you are supposed to provide a survey of the traffic jams frequency, in Vake- Saburtalo region. Also, you have to conduct a mini interview with pedestrians, in those areas. 

Remember, your survey should include the probable causes of traffic jams and possible solutions, and also everything should be in English (including your interview answers).


What to do:

  1. You need to check the following websites to become aware of the issue.

Website name: Useful vocabulary

Hint:  Remember, you have to try  to use these lexical patters while discussing this issue

  1. Now you are going to introduce Traffic statistics in Tbilisi.

Website name: Statistics

Description:  The website includes statistics about traffic in Tbilisi, it will help you to become aware of approximate averages of using different kinds of transport.

  1. Refer to the official website of  Tbilisi Transport Company

Website name: Tbilisi Transport Company

Description: Here you can find various information connecting to transport, timetables, parking fees and issues, mobile applications and even the history of Tbilisi transport.

Hint: Remember you should use this information appropriately.

  1. Read carefully the published reports about Traffic issues ( including fines and protest action )

Watch the following short videos:

  1. Now you are going to read the reports about the probable causes of traffic jams.

Hint: Remember, you have to think more, about probable causes of traffic jams.

  1. Now compare your opinions with the possible alleviation acts/ ways given on the following website.

Website name: Ways of solution.

Also, have a look of a short video about the future project about the metro stations above the ground.


Now it is time for you to go and explore the traffic jams in real life, in Tbilisi.

Instruction: Two members of the group will observe Vake, I. Chavchavadze Avenue, whereas the rest two members will go to Saburtalo, A.Kazbegi street.


What to do next:

Try to find out the most overloaded rush hour and take photos of it. Compare results with each other.

Next, conduct mini interview with pedestrians and use the following questions, add your own ones, as well.



  1. Why traffic is the problem?


  1. How can we control the traffic?


  1. What is the main cause of traffic?


  1. How can we reduce the traffic jams?


  1. Is this region frequently overloaded with traffic?


  1. How traffic impacts your daily routine?


Analyze your survey results.


The last step:

Now summarize all the information that was provided in the websites above. Remember you have to highlight only the most problematic issues connected to transportation, show us the statistics, provide a brief summary of your survey results and try to give us a short list of real recommendations of avoiding traffic jams, based on your research.

You can represent your work orally, by power point presentation, or you can make a video clip, to include everything together.


I remind you not to  try to include too much information, please, highlight and provide only problematic issues. Think carefully about the logical organization of your report and explain why your recommendations are effective and try to underline predictable results.













Organization of presentation

Hard to follow; improper sequence of information

Most of information presented in sequence

Information presented in logical sequence; easy to follow

Information presented in logical, easy to follow sequence


Background content

Material not clearly related to topic, Terminology not explained



Material sufficient for clear understanding but not clearly presented, Terminologies explained but not so correct.


Material sufficient for clear understanding and effectively presented, Terminologies explained


Material sufficient for clear understanding and exceptionally presented, Terminologies are clearly, correctly explained



Reflections and application

Presenter did not include his contribution

Presenter included contributions but not original

Presenter included contributions but not relevant

Presenter included his relevant contribution based on  his reflections


Knowledge of subject

Does not have grasp of information; answered only rudimentary topics.

At ease with information; answered most topics

At ease; answered all topic but failed to elaborate

Demonstrated full knowledge; Answered all topics.



Visual aids unclear/not used, and/or not cited

Nonverbal and verbal communication was poor


Visual aids are used but so relevant

Nonverbal and verbal communication was average

Visual aids are designed, used,

Nonverbal and verbal communication was admirable


Visual aids are clearly designed, effectively used, and authoritatively cited

Nonverbal and verbal communication was excellent


You know now more about traffic issues in Tbilisi, you know more about the causes and you discovered probable ways to solve the problem. You have also practiced in conducting interviews.

Teacher Page

This quest is meant for English learning students on intermediate level

The aim of this project is to raise awareness of traffic issues, in Tbilisi. As a result it brings them into contact with real life and compel them to read and look for such controversial information. Also, it develops students’ critical, creative, analytical thinking and improves interpersonal and intrapersonal intellects.

The project can be done I groups of 4 students.