How do you celebrate New Year's Eve?


People in Ecuador have different ways and traditions to celebrate New Year's Eve like "Viudas" "Monigotes" and "Cábalas". To carry out this project we will have to work collaboratively with our classmates and to know the different and similar ways we celebrate New Year's Eve. 


For this project you will have to:

1. Make a brainstorming of the different ways we have in Ecuador to celebrate the New's year eve. You can use information from this link:

2. Create a contrast diagram by using your and your partner information highlighting the similarities and differences.

3. Make a powerpoint presentation to present to the whole class about your information.

                                             Resultado de imagen para cabalas año nuevo


Let's start...

1. Create a brainstorming using your personal information about the ways you celebrate New Year's Eve. 

You can use the following templates:

2. The teacher will join in pairs to work.

3. You will have to create a contrast diagram by using your and your partner information 

Here there are some templates of contrast diagram:

You can access this link to have an idea about more information you must use:

3. You will have to create a powerpoint presentation to present to the whole class about your information.

You have to present your similarities.

Each of you must present one tradition and how it is celebrated with the family. 


Here you have the rubric I will use to evaluate you:


Now that you have completed New Year's Eve task, I would like you to write a paragraph answering the following questions:

What is the most common tradition that your partner celebrates with your family during New Year's Eve, which is not similar to yours?

Why is it important to maintain these traditions at this time?

Teacher Page

The goal of the WebQuest is to bring awareness to your students, in regards to the various cultural traditions that are celebrated in Ecuador. Also, enhancing student's communication and writing skills.