this is how it always is


This is how it always is. Life is complicated. There are confusion and gray space. Actually, most of life isn't black or white: it's a shade of gray. There aren't many parenting books telling you the correct thing to do when your little boy tries to wear a dress to school or says that he wants to be a little girl instead. But why read parenting books anyway? Why take advice from a stranger who doesn't know the world exactly like you do or know your child (son, daughter, or otherwise). It seems since the beginning of time though, everyone thinks it's their job to let you know what they really think about you and your kids and how you choose to parent them. From thinking that letting your child choose their gender and sexuality is a punishable offense to attacking you or your child for doing so, the people of the world aren't very loving or accepting towards others. The problem isn't your child's confusion or even your allowance for the exploration of who they are, the problem is anywho who cares and lets it affect their attitude towards them. A parent's job is to let a child learn to live with the hate and hardship in the world but it's no one's job to make things worse and give their unwarranted opinion. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A girl.  

You can be whatever you want to be. Girl or boy or neither or both.


Read the content on the given websites and answer the questions along with them.


What was the most surprising case mentioned in your opinion and why?…

Should gender be considered when hiring someone for a job? Why or why not

How could education help with trans and sexual violence?

What's a common misconception about the LGBTQ community that you've heard of?



4/4 questions are answered completely and thoroughly -> 4

3/4 questions are answered completely and thoroughly or 4/4 questions are partially answered -> 3

Less than half of the question content is answered thoroughly -> 2

Little effort was shown in question answers -> 1

Blank -> 0



Although violence and discrimination happen within all minority communities, the transgender community is at very high risk for these. Even after all the research done on this many still, don't see the need for them to be protected against such discrimination. No employer is allowed to fire someone because of gender, so why should gender expression be any different? Recognizing and celebrating every person is important in creating a safer community for all. Our children deserve a world with less hate and so do we.