How To Make a Bandsaw Box


A bandsaw box is a unique and intricately crafted wooden container that is created using a bandsaw, a versatile woodworking tool. This type of box is characterized by its distinctive design, which often involves intricate curves, contours, and hollowed spaces. The bandsaw box-making process allows for a high level of creativity and customization.Everything You Need to Know on Making Bandsaw Boxes


Select a design and build a bandsaw box. 

Bandsaw Box Templates

  1. Glue up a block to fit your design. The total block measured 4.5 x 6 x 10
  2. Roughly cut out your template and attach it to the blank with spray adhesive. Be sure to leave enough room to sand to your line. At this point you are only cutting the outside of your design. Keep in mind the smallest radius you can cut is determined by the size of your bandsaw blade.
  3. Now cut off the back ¼” on your box. Save the piece for later.  
  4. Decide on an entrance point and cut out each drawer (In one motion if possible.).  Or if you come to a sharp point, stop your saw and back out of the cut.  


Beginning of my first bandsaw box attempt… the glue up :  r/BeginnerWoodWorking


Size                                                                 Teacher Score    10  8  6  4   2  0

      -Everything within ½”

      -Over ½” is -2                                              


Construction                                                  Teacher Score    10   8    6    4    2      0

      -No visible gaps

      -All joints are flush                                                                                                                         Band Saw Box Basics - Woodworking | Blog | Videos | Plans | How To


Bandsaw boxes are a fun, simple project that can be profitable.

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