How to manage time effectively


Are you having problem with managing your time? Are you thinking that you are wasting your time and using time ineffectively? Don’t worry! You are not the only youth who is having problem with time management. You might be wondering that you are not doing good enough for what you are supposed to do with the time you have. However, if you have the will to succeed, you can do anything.

There are many famous and successful people who are good at time management. They are successful because they use their time right. They use their time to learn new things. Use your time as best as you could. The sad part is we only have 86400 seconds in a day and most people take this time for granted. Most people let this time disappear without a second thought. We never get this back. We must use it wisely. We must be productive. We must use our time to do things we enjoy or use it to set up our life. Instead of wasting your time on meaningless things use it to learn new things. The time you spend playing video games or partying with your friends will never come back. Once you use that it’s gone forever.


Final requirement task: the group will do a presentation on how to manage time effectively by using the following questions –

  • What are time management skills?
  • Please provide some tips to manage your time effectively?
  • How did you use your time in the past time?
  • How did you organize your time?
  • What did you learn from the given resources?
  • How will you be more efficient with time after this project?


It is a weeklong project with a group of five students. Each of you will be graded based on your tasks. Please check the rubric given at the evaluation part.

  • Compilation task: you will be finding resources for the project and collect the important points and facts. And you will be sharing these to the group.
  • Consensus building task: you will be the negotiator during the meetings and compromise the people and needs.
  • Design or creative product task: you will prepare the creative power points for doing the presentation.
  • Persuasion task: you will be the presenter in doing the presentation and make the audience interested in the presentation.
  • Retelling task: you will be taking notes during the meetings and make report to the teachers and audience after the presentation.

Step - 1 the group will gather together and have discussion on who will take which task and how they are going to do the project. After dividing tasks, each of you will read the given resources how to do your task within 3 days.

Step – 2 conduct the first meeting on the fourth day to share the information they have read.

  • The consensus task taker will compromise and negotiate the discussion
  • The one who takes compilation task will share the resources and send them to the designer.
  • When the one who takes the design task receive the facts and points from the compilation task taker, the power point designer will prepare creative power point to attract the audience in one day.

Step – 3 conduct the second meeting to see the design of the power point and make changes if necessary. Then finalize everything to do the final presentation.

    • The presenter and the reporter will practice for one day to do the presentation

Step – 4 the actual presentation


You will be evaluated by the following grading rubric.


Grading Rubric








Compilation task

No relevance  to the topic

Have few relevance to topic

Have most relevance to the topic

Relevant with the given reading topic and materials

Relevant with the given topic and include other resources


Consensus  task

No link between the group members

Have a weak link between the group members

Try to organize and communicate between the group members

Organize and communicate between the members

Have a very good ability to organize and communicate between the group members


Design and creative product task

The ppt slides are plain and unorganized

The ppt slides are organized

The ppt slides are very organized and have some visual aspects

The ppt slides are very organized and the visual aspects are very good

The ppt slides are very creative


Retelling task

Just listening without taking notes

Have a few notes on the meeting or the project

Taking down almost all the information

Take down all the information which were being done or discussed

Take down all the information systematically and critically


Persuasive task

Voice is not clear and the explanations are very confusing

Voice is loud enough but the explanations are confusing or vice versa

Volume and pronunciation are clear but the explanations are a little bit confusing

The pronunciation and the explanations are good but have a few mistakes

Both pronunciation and explanations are good



Having this project has helped you a lot with your time management and hoping that you have learnt how to spend your time effectively for your life. Furthermore, as you know time management skills and practicing them will help you succeed your goals in life. So, if you want to find out more about time management skills and tips, you may use the given resources or other online resources.


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