How many noun do you see? What type of noun is being stated?


Quiz 1. Identify the noun in each sentence. 

1. Mary went into the market to buy new jacket.

2. I traveled from Seoul and Taipei.

3. Jessica played volleyball with Jonathan.

4. She is the daughter of the nurse who assist my cousin.

5. Mitch grab her phone to call her mother. 

6. Joshua and Tom went to the mall to watch movies and to buy a shirt.

7. Johnny was writing a poem on technology. 

8. She delivered a bag to her sister.


Quiz 2. Identify what type of noun is being stated. 

1.  Honesty is the best policy.

2.  My mother's name is Rhea.

3.  He has a great strength. 

4. I bought the phone from Shopee.

5. France is one of my wish list destination.

6. I lost my appetite.

7. Our friendship will last forever.