How Same-Sex Marriage was Made into a Law


Both locally and statewide, same-sex marriage is a very controversial topic. Through this WebQuest, you will learn more information about where it is legal or illegal. More importantly, one will learn how this bill was turned into a law. 


Part 1.

Click the link to answer the following questions.

1. What is an initiative?

2. What is a referendum?

3. What is a petition?

4. What is a recall?

5. What do you know about same-sex marriage? (Use your personal knowledge before learning through this webquest)

Part 2.

Click the link to answer the following questions.

1. Before the discussion began, how many states supported same-sex marriage?

2. What document do gay couples have to have to be married/ become married?

3. Did this topic go before the Supreme Court? If so, which ones?

4. What happened during the 4th US Circuit Court Appealing? How did this effect you?

5. Where was the first territory that allowed same-sex marriage?

Part 3

Click the link to answer the following questions.

1. How is a referendum applied in this topic?

2. When was same-sex marriage legalized?

3. How was the 1st amendment changed during the conversation about gay marriage?

4. What was the the House Republicans house arguments about same sex marriage in NC against the Supreme Court?

5. What is the ultimate goal for the LGBT community in politics?

Part 4

Click the link to answer the following questions.

1.How is this group getting people to sign this petition?

2. In your opinion, that is their strongest objective reasoning?

3. In your opinion, that is their strongest subjective reasoning?

4. What is the goal of this petition?


Part 1.

1. Initiative- A process that enables citizens to bypass their state legislature by placing proposed statutes and, in some states, constitutional amendments on the ballot.

2. Referendum- (Other definitions are also adequate). Similar to the initiative in that both are triggered by petitions, but there are important differences.

3. Petition-  A written request signed my multiple people to inflict change of some sort. 

4.Recall- A procedure that allows citizens to remove and replace a public official before the end of a term of office.

5. Personal Response will vary.

Part 2

1. 19 States

2. Marriage License

3. Yes; Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee.

4. The State's ban in North Carolina was ruled unconstitutional; personal response. 

5. Guam

Part 3

1.Amendment One is among several outdated provisions in the state constitution. Repealing parts of the constitution requires a ballot referendum,

2. October 2014

3. Included gay marriage in constitution.

4. Their bill argued that the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage ruling was “null and void” because it’s “clear that laws concerning marriage are for each state to establish and maintain severally and independently.”

5. To be treated equally by overturning/revising some amendments that are discriminatory.

Part 4.

1. By giving many points of reasoning

2. "Takes away a mother or father".. (answers will vary)

3. "It isn't marriage"..(answers will vary)

4. The goal is to overturn the legalization of gay marriage. 


You have now completed the Same Sex Marriage WebQuest!