How to Use Mixed Media Tools to Create an Efficent 3 Series Personal Project


Ms. White's Painting 101 Class- 3 piece Personal Painting Series Guide 

Your goal for this project is to help you better understand what materials to use, as well as how to use them proficiently in order for you  to create your 3 series personalized paintings. This WebQuest is meant to help you better understand how to use the materials presented inside the classroom, as well as what subject matters will work best for that specific type of paint/material. 

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The purpose of this WebQuest is to help you find what materials will work best for you personally, and what subject matter works best for what types of paint that you choose!  During this WebQuest you should learn about the importance of subject matter and how it can be enhanced with a specific media/paint type, as well as learning about the pros and cons of working with that media. A video of different artist's will be shown for examples of the what the artist choose for their paint type, as well as explaining why that helped make the end product more true to the artist's vision.  

Image result for famous paintingsHere is an example of famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and Grant Wood next to their original  subject matter inspiration. Having inspiration for your project is one of the first steps into creating your series of paintings! The next step is understanding how you use different types of paint, and why you use the media in the way that you do.  


Click on the video to explore the pros and cons of working with specific types of paint, this will help you make your choice for the paint, media used. 

Next, to discover why certain artist's choose certain mediums for specific paintings click below to see what famous artist's have done throughout history to discover their own personal process is. 

The main goal for this process is to better understand why artist's choose the mediums that they do, as well as providing the basic understanding of different types of paint. Hopefully this information will better help you expand upon how to approach your three-painting series, as well as why you choose the paint type and subject matter that you did. The main goal is for questions to be answered during this personal search.  


Rubric For Later Date 

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Painting and approaching different types of mixed media materials can be quite daunting. Hopefully with the videos presented within this Web Quest you can better understand how to approach your up and coming projects. Artists have all sorts of reasons as to why they choose specific subject matter, and medium also plays a large role in how that project is presented. The importance of material should be taken into account in future works, as well as better understanding different artist's perspectives on why they choose the media in which they do to present their ideas. 



 Lincoln Land Community College Professor- Dr. Taiebeh Hosseinali 

Video Credits go to- Walcott Fine Art on as well as Winsor and Newton on 

Images inserted within this Web quest were retrieved from Google Images. 

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The purpose of this webquest was for students to better understand why artists choose different types of media for different subject matters, as well as how students can use this new found knowledge to help them expand upon their up and coming three series project painting's. This is a Tenth grade level painting course for students enrolled in Painting 101.