How the Web Works


Clients expect members of a web development team to be experts. You will be learning about how the web works in order to best serve your clients' expectations and to provide a top-notch website.


Learn the language of the web and its impacts on society so you can consider your client’s technological and business needs. You will be using the information from the website in order to answer questions and gain knowledge of how the web works.  You will work in your groups to answer the questions.


How the Web Works

  1. Computers connected to the internet are called _______________ and _____________________.
  2. Define clients.
  3. Define servers.
  4. The website compares using the internet to street between your house and a shop.
    1. What do they compare the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol to in this example?
      1. What is the definition of the TC/IP?
    2. What do they compare the Domain Name System to in this example?
      1. What function does the DNS perform?
    3. What do they compare the Hypertext Transfer Protocol to in this example?
      1. What is the HTTP?
    4. What do they compare component files to in this example?
      1. What are component files?

Using your shape tools (Under Insert), create a diagram that demonstrates how all of these parts work together when you type a web address into a web browser.











  1. IP addresses are made up of _________________. Give an example.
  2. What is an IP address used for?










Answer each of the questions fully to receive full points. This WebQuest is worth 15 points.


Thank you for completing this WebQuest!