Human Body Systems


Welcome to the 7th Grade Body Systems Webquest!

Here you will find all the information you need in order to complete this project.

Through this project you will learn different body systems in the human body, the parts of these systems, and what each system does.

At the end of this, you will understand the importance of each system, and how and why each system depends on the other systems to function.


"The Panther Paw Awards"

The Human Body has won the coveted "Panther Paw" Award as being the Best Living Machine.

Nominees for the Best System in a supporting role are the:

  • Respiratory System
  • Digestive System
  • Circulatory System
  • Excretory System

Your team needs to study one of these body systems and provide information and reasons why it would be most deserving of this award.


Your challenge will be to study one body system and justify why you think your system should win the coveted

"Panther Paw Award"

for Best Body System in a Supporting Role

Explain why the Human Body could not survive without your system. You must convince your audience that your body system is the most deserving of this award.

Your team must decide how you will share your findings. Possible methods of sharing this information could include: a visual, a video, an iMovie, or a Powerpoint presentation.

At the end of the presentations, audience members will vote for the Body System most deserving of the award, and the Panther Paw Award will be awarded to the winner.

All teams should have an acceptance speech prepared in the event that their Body System is chosen as the winner. Be sure to thank your fellow nominees. Without their unfailing support and teamwork, your Body System would not be the success it is today.


Step 1.

Create a labeled diagram on a poster paper of your body system. Label at least 8 parts. For websites on your body system, go to the Evaluation page.


Step 2.

Return to the Evaluation page. Read about your body system and complete an online quiz.


Step 3.

Print the Interview Questions. Using websites for your system found on the Evaluation Page, find answers to the interview questions.


Step 4.

Present a live interview about your system to the class.


Step 5.

Decide which format you will use to present your compelling argument as to why your system should win the Panther Award for the "Best System in a Supporting Role."


Step 6.

Prepare your final presentation and an acceptance speech.


Step 7.



Congratulations to the winning system and to all of the nominees!

You have achieved your task. We hope that you have enjoyed learning about human body systems.

In your body systems groups, discuss and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the most important thing you learned when completing this webquest?
  2. What is the more interesting thing you learned when completing this webquest?
  3. What information about body systems would you most want to share with others?
  4. Why do you think it is important to know about body systems?
  5. Explain how you can make a difference maintaining a healthy body.