Human Impacts on the Environment


CONGRATULATIONS! You have won appointment to the city of Fort Gapiss' board of commissioners! In your role, you will be working with people on the Commission for the Environment Board. In a recent meeting, they have brought up different ways the local city has been affecting the environment. In their petition to the board, they used some environmental words you are unfamiliar with. You promise to take everything they said into consideration and to do more research on the topic. As you return home and begin your nightly walk, you notice there is a difference in your ability to view the peaks of the mountains as you walk down the hill you live on. While walking by the lake, you notice the water isn't as pristine as it was when you arrived 10 years ago. And while the construction and mining projects you pass on your way to work provide jobs and show progress, you have heard quite a bit of noise and seen less animals around than once frequented the area. This makes it even more important to you to learn about the things the environmentalist mentioned. Once home, you begin your research. 

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In this web quest you will be learning about how humans impact the 4 spheres, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, the geosphere, and the biosphere. 

Exploring the Earth's Four Spheres


Click on the links below to answer the following questions on your Google Doc. 

Exploring the Earth's Four Spheres


Define what each type of pollution is,

              what causes it

             what impact it has on the ecosystem (including humans, plants, and animals).


Define "Point Source Pollution", "Non-point Source Pollution"

What is acid rain?

         What are the main gases that cause acid rain?

         How can acid rain affect plants and trees?

         How can acid rain affect organisms that live in the water?

         How can acid rain affect buildings?

Explain how climate works?

What is the "greenhouse effect" and what are the most common greenhouse gasses.

What causes the greenhouse effect to occur (make sure you list BOTH natural and human activity),

What does the greenhouse effect cause? and what is "global warming". Why are they "bad"?

What, if any, positive affects human interaction can have on the biosphere.


Hydrosphere (water)

Types of Pollution & Water

Point Source

EPA-Acid Rain


Atmosphere (air)


Major Pollutant Sources

How climate works

Greenhouse effect 1

Greenhouse effect 2-see your book on pg. 233

Global Warming




Coal Mining's Environmental Impact

Solid Waste


Also refer to page 187 in your book.


Once you have completed the Google Doc and answered all the questions, including the 3-2-1, submit it on Google Classroom and you are finished! 

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