After the lesson I am going to post a document with names of groups of five people on the Whatsapp group chat. The people in the group have to choose their own group leader. After you have chosen your group leader, you are expected to render a presentation on the lesson topic that we did in class which is Human Skeletal System.  You will be given 5 days to prepare your presentation I suggest you use the time wisely.

For your presentation each has to choose one part from the skull, vertebral column , rib cage ( axial skeleton) and from shoulder gridle and the upper limbs, the pelvic gridle and the lower limbs ( appendicular skeleton). Your presentation has has to be simple yet interesting and each member of your group has to participate in the presentation and render the presentation. It is up to the group to choose whether they present in class or take a video while doing the video then submit.  


For the presentation you and your group are expected to work  together and complete the task which is presentation, after you have chosen a group a leader.  For your presentation you are allowed to use picture, charts, videos and models. You have to be as creative as you can. You will be given 15 minutes to render your presentation and you must use the time wisely. The presentation has to be about the Human Skeletal System.  Since the human skeletal system is divided into two parts , the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. From those two groups you have to choose your own body parts and present about it.

Click on the links below to learn more about presentations  and how to manage your time. 



These links are about the human skeletal system they are going to assist you more on your presentation. 




Your group leader has to make sure that each member of the group has a part that they are going present and your presentation must have an introduction, body and conclusion. Days before the presentation you are expected to come to me and show me what you have prepared so I can assist wherever I can. You are expected to do more research on the part that you have chosen, and your presentation should not sole be based on the lesson. 

Remember that the presentation is on Friday the 23rd of September 2022 and no late tasks will be accepted. If you have any questions regarding these instructions or the presentation you can email me or come to my office during during break for consultations.  


Evaluation Rubric 







Learners  Marks

= 20*2= 40 



Presentation contained little to no valuable material. 

Presentation had moments where valuable material was present but as a whole content was lacking. 

Presentation had a good amount of material and benefited the class.


Presentation had an exceptional amount of valuable material and was extremely beneficial to the class. 




The teammates  never worked with each other, it seems as though only a few people worked on the presentation. 

The teammates sometimes worked with each other. However it seems as though certain people did not do as much work as others. 

The teammates worked with each other most of the time . And it seems like everyone did some work but only few people are carrying the presentation. 


The teammates always worked together. It was evident that all the groups members contributed equally to the presentation.



The presentation lacked organization and had little evidence of preparation.

There were minimal signs of organization of the preparation. 

The presentation had organizing ideas but could have been much stronger with better preparations. 


The presentation was well organized, well prepared and easy to follow. 



Presenters were unconfident and demonstrated little evidence of planning prior to presentation. 

Presenters were not consistent with the level of confidence preparations they showed the classroom but had some strong moments. 

Presenters were occasionally confident with their preparations however the presentation was not as engaging as it could have been for class. 


Presenters were all very in delivery and they did and excellent job of engaging the class. Preparations is very evident.





After you have successfully rendered your presentation in class or via a video I will grade you using the attached rubric. Remember the more work you put in the more marks you get. Once I am finished marking your presentations I will publish your marks on the class group chat. 

If you have any questions regarding your presentations of marks please email me or come to my office during break. 

- Miss Chabalala 




The scoring rubric  will  be used to asses each team and it will be used by me, which means  I will be the one assessing each group.  There are four categories, as you can see on the left side of the rubric.  The maximum number of points per category is 5, for a total of approximately 40 points for the entire project.  These points are for the whole group

I retain the final judgement for all the presentations  and final points earned for this project. This evaluation process will begin on Friday the 23rd of September until all groups are finished presenting. 


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