Hungarian National Holidays


Hungary is truly the land of cultural experiences. The people of Hungary have a lot of great traditions and they love to celebrate their festivals in a grand way, and every month has some great festivals celebrated in the country. From folk festivals, religious festivals and even cultural festival, you can experience it all on your visit to this wonderful country. 

This WebQuest will help you to learn more about two of them.

A webquest is like a group project where you have to carry out several tasks to get a goal. In this case, our goal is to introduce two national holidays of Hungary to your peers in our project. It will be fun!



To explore and learn about:

1. 20 August St Stephen's Day

2. 1 November All Saints' Day


Browse the provided websites to find information about the holidays.

Answer the following questions:

What do people celebrate on these days?

Who was St Stephen I?

How do they celebrate? What do they do?

Why are these holidays important?



Create 2 posters- one for each holiday- in hand or digitally. You can use photos, pictures, drawings, videos, wordclouds and descriptions.

Make sure you include the following information:

-The name of the holiday

-The name of the country and the national flag 

-When the holiday is celebrated

-Why they celebrate it

How they celebrate it

All products will be displayed on the Erasmus+ corner and will also be used in our joint Online Calendar!



National Holidays are highly important for each country.

Think about:

What national holidays do you celebrate in your country?

How are they similar to the Hungarian ones?

How are they different?

How would our lives be different and how would you feel if these holidays stopped being celebrated? 



Thank you all for your participation and interest!

If you wish to learn more about Hungarians and their culture visit the following page:


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