Hungarian National Holidays


Hungary is rich in national holidays, festivals and religious celebrations dating back to centuries.

This webquest will help you to learn more about two of the national holidays.


To explore and learn about:


1. Mother's Day

2. New Year's Day



Browse the provided websites to find information about the holidays.


Answer the following questions:

1. Why do we celebrate Mohter's Day in Hungary?

2. When is Mother's Day?

3. How is Mother's Day celebrated?

5. What do Hungarians eat on New Year's Day?

6. Do you know the secret behind the tradition of eating lentils on New Years Day?




Create two posters one for Mother's Day and one for New Year's Day in hand or digitally.

You can use drawings, pictures, videos, worldclouds and descriptions.

Please include the following inormation:

- the name of the holiday

- the name of the country and the national flag

- when the holiday is celebrated

- why they celebrate it

- how they celebrate it


All the products will be desplayed on the Erasmus + corner and will also be used in our joint Online Calander!





Do you celebrate Mother's Day in your country?

If yes, how is it similar to the Hungarian one?

How is it different?


Thank you all your participation and interest!

If you would like to know more about Hungary, please visit this website: 


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