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Nonzukiso Malima 221368698

What is hygiene?


  • conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness. 

Hygiene   is divided into 3 sections namely

  1. Personal hygiene 
  2. Hygiene on food premises 
  3. Waste disposal practices 


In this session  you will learn more about hygiene and how to mantain hygiene..


Use the link below to watch a video about hygiene. For more information on hygiene. 





Leaners. Watch this full lesson video on the topic hygiene. Watch until the end .  And answer the questions that follow. 



With the information from the videos and your knowledge on hygiene.  Answer the questions below.

  1. Fully Explain what is hygiene. (5)
  2. What is personal hygiene  (5)
  3. Discuss how bad hygiene can impact on food contamination 
  4. What are the required personal hygiene practices in the kitchen? Mention  10 practices  (10)                                    
  • Read the introduction and watch all the videos.  Do not skip any video. 
  • Watch another  video  on task tab, it is a full lesson..and Answer the questions under the questions that follows 
  • Type you work and do a cover page. 
  • Submit your work via email  on Nonzukisomalima@gmail.com

The task is out of 24 marks.

Question 4 will be marked according to the memo based .

Questions     mark   mark Mark  Mark  mark  
  Excellent     good satisfactory  poor  Bad

Question 1

General knowledge 

5 4 3 2 1

Question 2

General knowledge 

5 4   3 2 1
Question 3. General knowledge  5 4 3 2 1



In this lesson we learnt about hygiene and the importance of hygiene as it promotes good health and prevents diseases.  As a food handler and a hospitality student.  It is very important for you to know and practices good hygiene  at all times.




Watch this video. 

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A good foodhandler will practice good hygiene practices. 


Thank you for your participation.