Today you will be following this WebQuest to learn more about hyperinflation. 


You should by the end of this assignment to tell explain Hyperinflation, common causes, and worst historical cases of Hyperinflation.

To receive credit you will need to answer a few questions about the topic and turn it in to me. Please follow the links in order (Or you will miss out on key points).

 German children use bundled inflationary money as blocks, 1923 ...


First, read this article about Hyperinflation from Investopedia: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/h/hyperinflation.asp

Second, read more about some historical cases of Hyperinflation: https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/061515/what-are-some-historic-examples-hyperinflation.asp#:~:text=Germany,Versailles%20that%20ended%20the%20war.

Third, look at this site on the current rates of Hyperinflation: https://tradingeconomics.com/country-list/inflation-rate

Then watch these videos on the topic: 

(Watch the beginning to 4:50) 

(Watch the entire thing)


Now that you know more about Hyperinflation answer the following questions: 

  1. Primary causes of Hyperinflation (2-3 sentences)
  2. Name the most famous example of Hyperinflation
  3. Name the worst Hyperinflation ever record (*Hint* it is not the same answer as question 2)
  4. Name the country is experiencing the highest levels of inflation?

By the conclusion of this WebQuest you should be able to tell me more about: 

  • Definition of Hyperinflation
  • Causes of Hyperinflation
  • Worst historical cases of Hyperinflation


  • Investopedia 
  • Crash Course Economics
  • TradingEconomics.com 
  • Marginal Revolution University Youtube site